Seed of Life’s core vision is to support individuals and organisations with growing to reach their full potential.

At an organisational level, we do this through consulting, leadership development, training, coaching as well as programs that focus specifically on enhancing workplace resilience and wellbeing.

Our key point of difference when working with businesses is an innovative yet structured approach that results in real and lasting change. Our experience and expertise has resulted in significant outcomes for the clients we have worked with, including:

Development of high performing individuals and teams.

Higher staff engagement and reduction in staff turnover.

Improved organisational effectiveness.

Enhanced leadership capability resulting in increased business performance.

A positive, open and resilient culture.

When working with individuals, we seek to understand personal goals as well as identify any aspects that a person may need to relinquish; anything that may be inhibiting them from growing to reach their full potential. We help to enhance self-awareness, clear limitations and support the individual with creating a strategy for how they are going to achieve their personal goals. These goals may relate to aspects such as health, work, relationships or even finances. At a more fundamental level, goals may pertain to how to experience an increased sense of joy, peace or happiness on a more consistent basis.

What We Do

Organisational Development

At Seed of Life, we partner with your organisation and leverage a range of services and tools that support growth, performance improvement, alignment to business objectives and openness to change.

Personal Effectiveness & Wellbeing

Seed of Life offers a range of tools and practices aimed at enhancing self-awareness, personal success and a higher level of happiness and wellbeing.